How to Attain the Perfect Shave With a Safety Cutting Razor


Pre-shave oils are a vital component of accomplishing the perfect shave. Scrub the oil in between your hands to heat it up then massage it into the beard using higher movements to raise the whiskers off your face shave. After you end up, wash your hands to eliminate the residue before picking up your razor.

Soap Up

This is where the fun begins. First, see to it you have an excellent quality cutting lotion. Ideally one with a high fat as well as glycerin content, making forever lather and also security. You could absolutely utilize your fingers, however we highly suggest a high-quality badger-hair brush. Wet the suggestion of the brush with some cosy water and also, utilizing two fingers, installed a percentage of shaving lotion into the facility of the brush. Offer it a couple seconds to let the cosy water heat up the cream. Function up a good soap by massaging the brush in round motions all over the beard. When you look completely like Old St. Nick … you prepare to shave.


Cosy the blade with some hot water making sure it is ready for activity. You don’t need to start in any type of one location, but it’s generally simpler to start from the outside and also work to the inside. Go with the grain and also do not apply way too much stress to keep from over irritating the skin. Razor strokes must generally have to do with two inches in size. Wash the blade with hot water in between strokes to keep it cosy and devoid of shave substances.

How to Attain the Perfect Shave With a Safety Cutting Razor

For an extra close face shave, you could re-lather and go at it again using either a sideways motion or versus the grain stroke, depending on the level of sensitivity of your skin. You do not have to worry about getting in-grown hairs at this moment since the hair has already been trimmed back and also will not put up under the skin. Below’s the last little trick ┬árinse completely with COLD water. The initial splash may be a little surprising, however after the preliminary chill the amazing water will certainly soothe any irritability, close pores, and freshen the skin.

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